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Every Girl Card Game by Girl Be Great

For girls age 7+ to forever

A simple, new game designed to build social confidence. A fun, engaging way to encourage girls to be curious, active and kind. 

Kickstarter Rewards!

Certificate of Promise

Donate $10

Download our Certificate of Promise. Includes our pledge and signature. Perfect for young girls between 7 to 12 years old. Have fun coloring in our bee. Easy to print out and frame at home. 8.5 x 11 PDF. 

Be an Early Bird

Donate $15

Get our game. Comes with instructions and 57 cards. Guaranteed to prompt questions and conversation. 

Promote Kindness

Donate $30

We will send two games to the Kindness Campaign, an international nonprofit that helps girls treat one another well. 

Party Pack

Donate $50

Get 5 games. Load up for a birthday parties and the holidays. Includes free shipping! 

How to Play

Every Girl is easy to play. There are three types of cards: positive cards, negative cards and random cards. The game is designed to encourage girls to interact with one another. There are three ways to win. The first player with a positive hand or winning combination of cards wins. 

Curious Active & Kind WINS!

Full hand wins!

Three GBG Cards Wins!

Negative Cards

Nobody is perfect. Negative cards are designed to encourage girls to interact with one another and build understanding.

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