• How Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick Made #Skydiving History

    How Georgia "Tiny" Broadwick Made #Skydiving History

    Tiny is one of the 52 stories of fearless daredevils, adventurers & rebels featured in Women Who Dared, which is part of our #GirlsRule book set. She earned the name "Tiny" because when she was born in 1893 she weighed only three pounds.Tiny was the first person to jump out of a plane in 1912. She  was also the first person to discover how to "free-fall" after her chord got tangled, which forced her to quickly cut the line and then manually deploy her parachute by hand. She retired in 1922, after approximately 1,100 jumps. One of her handmade silk parachutes is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. 


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