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FAQs for #Everygirleveryday

1. What is #Everygirleveryday? 

#Everygirleveryday is a hassle-free opportunity for small nonprofits and organizations to quickly raise awareness for their cause and raise funds. It’s a completely turn-key social fundraising platform where we offer beautiful, customized, discounted t-shirts to help you raise money. We do the design, host the site, and ship out the product. At the end of your fundraiser, we ship your product and send you the funds. It’s that simple. 

2. Who is #Everygirleveryday for? 

We are committed to helping the multitude of organizations that help girls and women. Any nonprofit group or organization that supports girls and women are encouraged to apply. We welcome PTOs/PTAs, sports teams, sororities, and other organizations that help girls and women reach their ultimate potential. We are particularly interested in helping local organizations get ahead. 

3. Is there any cost associated with #Everygirleveryday? 

No. We currently expect to enroll our first 10 organizations for free. After that, we may consider a small, refundable set-up fee based on reaching fundraising goals. 

4. What is Girl Be Great all about and why are you doing this? 

Girl Be Great makes t-shirts and accessories for girls age 6 to forever. Founded by two sisters who have three daughters, the company is 100% committed to bringing out the best in every girl every day by encouraging girls to be curious, active and kind. We believe in the power of purpose and profit, as opposed to being just about profit. . 

5. How do I find out if my organization or group is eligible and apply? 

It’s really simple to do. Please answer 5 quick questions that determine eligibility. You will receive a response from us almost immediately as to whether you are approved to participate. If so, then you can apply quickly and within a matter of weeks we can have your campaign up and running. 

6. How much can my organization or group earn with #Everygirleveryday? 

That amount you earn is based on how many people purchase the shirt or other merchandise that you will be offering. We provide a baseline price for selling the product with a 15% to 20% discount that will go directly into your coffers. If you want to charge more for your shirt you can. The more product that you sell across your social media channels the more you earn. All campaigns are hosted for a maximum of 30 days. 

7. How do buyers get the product? 

We can do it one of two ways. We can run a pre-order campaign where ever shirt is shipped to a single location directly after the campaign ends or we can have people buy and receive their shirt as they purchase the product. The choice is yours! 

8. What do we need to do to have a successful campaign? 

The most important thing you can do is create a shirt that people will want to purchase  (at the right price) and wear proudly without hesitation.  We will design your e-commerce fundraising page with for you. All you have to do is socialize it and have your followers purchase the product. 

9. What type of shirts do you offer for #Everygirleveryday? 

Our gorgeous, cotton tees are completely customizable and can be made in every color imaginable. All tees include our signature bee #Everygirleveryday on the t-shirt shoulder. The rest is up to you. You want to print on the front or on the back to make a statement go for it! Just provide us with your statement and artwork (logo, etc.) and we will do the rest. 


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