Here, There & Everywhere Book Set

Here, There & Everywhere Book Set

This is an amazing set of books that are about sparking a little girl's interest and curiosity about the world. Written and illustrated by the painter Miroslav Sasek provides a child with an introduction to ten city and countries around the Globe. Filled with an incredible illustrations and interesting facts - it's the perfect set to give to a child or grandchild for birthdays or the holidays. Comes with our custom designed bee wrap band. It's a set of books that can easily be passed down from generation to generation. Set weighs 16 pounds. 


1. This Is Greece

2. This Is London

3. This Is New York

4. This Is Paris

5. This Is Rome

6. This Is San Francisco 

7. This Is Munich 

8. This Is Venice

9. This Is Edinburgh

10. This Is Australia


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